Load & stress testing tools

I’ve been doing more and more “load” testing to go along with my architecture and dev work. To me, it’s another way to assert to myself that I’ve either accomplished a nice solution or I can be aware of new tech debt I’ve just created.

I’m also very interested in plugging up a load testing pipeline to incorporate into my various continuous deployment and continuous integeration pipelines. What I’d like to get out of it is a way to tell that I’ve introduced a performance regression or I can look at the performance trend over time to draw various conclusions. You could fail the build on a perf regression, but b warned perf tests can be fickle beasts rife with anomolies… especially on cloud hardware which is oversubscribed. The long term trend is very benificial for capacity planning and to just have a finger on the pulse of your app (so you can sleep at night before the next software demo).

In any case, load/stress testing has many benifits in many scenarios. There are also endless tools, both free and paid, that help you scale, report on, and repeat large or complex workflows to exercise your code and server demons.

Some tools that I turn to:

I won’t go into the details, but there is a lot of overlap in these tools. Once you use them enough, you’ll get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses.

There are also services to help if paying rather than building is your thing.